Filmproduction - VerTrend : Filmproduktion Image Video for SME

In addition to extensive web design solutions we offer the production of professional corporate videos on attractive terms for SME. From the conception through production, scenarisation to the postproduction - We present you and your business in an optimized manner and implement your imagevideo in your website. With a new image video production, you put your company in the right light. VerTrend Media Production is one of the top players in the image video production and New Media in Austria.


Video Newsletter

An image speaks more than 1000 words - according to this motto, you present your brand, your company and product innovations a high-quality audio-visual way - perfect and trendy.

For all organizations that want to keep their customers informed, we also offer the regular production of videonewsletter.

Assembly Video / Video Guidebook

We produce assembly videos and video guidebooks. In the case that your product is knowledge-intensive, it is easier to explain to the customer in a professional manner in a way that all the content will be target-oriented, simplified and easily understandable.

Video Screen Capture

By means of a symbiosis of screen capture content (capture of PC images in motion) and conventional video sequences, you will reach an impressive professional prenentation of your product.

Video for Fairs

You shurely want to present your product in an appropiate and professional was on fairs and other events. We produce for you a video in HD quality under consideration of the latest trends in order to present your company in a modern and trendy way.