VerTrend :  Suchmaschinen MarketingGoogle offers you the possibility to place simple text-advertisements to keywords you choose. When the user clicks the add, he is conducted to your homepage since the add is linked to your website. Thanks to the way the computerized environment works you have an extensive control over the definition of the target-group that will see your advertisement and over the keywords the users choose, so that the adds appear automatically.


The term SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and is the basis for a quick location of your website. Search engine optimization starts already during the conception and configuration of your homepage. You can define what of your homepage is going to be indexed and valued by the search engines.

Virales Marketing

The Internet is a network in which the information that is spread is connected with each other and reproduced. Viral Marketing uses through clever well-positioned information the activity of the Internet users in order to raise the awareness of your company, brand or product. And this is done to a large extent automatically.

Public relation

Besides direct publicity for your offer we recommend our customers additionally to invest in Public Relations. Through efficient information in relevant media a lot can be done with a reasonable budget. As in marketing in a narrower sense, for media work a continuity is a key factor for success.